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Whats new about the Russian space center “Vostochniy”?

Here is our youngest and most promising cosmodrome. You can see the entire infrastructure of the facility. But, characteristically, there are endless forests around it. Wildlife. About all the cosmodromes in the world are arranged in the same way.The device of the cosmodrome depends on the type of rocket that takes off from it. Absolutely everything is sharpened under it. Our oldest and largest Soyuz rocket, the P7 family, is taking off from the “Vostochniy”. Accordingly, the starting table is “Gagarinsky.” That is, the same as at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Plesetsk and In Kuru (South America).Usually after the verticalization of the rocket, it is still a few days on the starting table for numerous checks. All this time people work on open areas next to it. Let’s just say it’s hard work. Especially when the wind blows in the cold. The rest of the infrastructure of the cosmodrome in one way or another has to do with the maintenance of the rocket at the launch. source

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